5th Biennial Symposium “Anthropological Talks in South Tyrol”

Bozen-Bolzano, 13-16 September 2022

The Anthropological Talks in South Tyrol Biennial Symposium began in 2013 and has been under the aegis of the Malinowski Forum since 2017.
This year’s edition includes a rich program of academic and public activities.


TUESDAY 13.09.2022

International arrivals

PM FILM Film Screening Malinowski documentary “Savage Memory” with director Zachary Stuart (Malinowski great-grandson), organized by EVAA, at 19:00 at the Waaghaus-Casa della Pesa, 19A Via Portici, Bolzano.  

Ricardo Macip, discussant.

Savage Memory: How Do We Remember Our Dead?

A film about Bronislaw Malinowski by Zachary Stuart and Kelly Thomson
Director Zachary Stuart will be present for the screening and a discussion

This is an in-person event open to the general public, organized by EVAA-Ethnologischer Verein Alto Adige, in collaboration with WAAG and MFEA, sponsored by Sparkasse Stiftung / Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio

Wenner-Gren Workshop “De-centering Anthropology by way of Malinowski”
14-15 September 2022

This workshop aims to de-center anthropology in a seeming paradox, by way of express reference to one of its most canonical names: that of Bronislaw Malinowski. By considering Malinowski as a metonym for the discipline, we can directly relate him to the theme of de-centering as regards many of the specific aspects addressed in current debates on world anthropologies and the decolonization of anthropological knowledge, production, and careers.
The Workshop brings together a group of scholars located in places around the globe associated with Malinowski’s name. We will take stock of how Malinowksi’s canon is currently received, using it as a prism for reflecting on the power configurations in the discipline today.
The aim of the Workshop is neither to celebrate nor “cancel” the figure of Malinowski: rather, we intend to draw together diverse scholars in South Tyrol – recreating the spirit of the gatherings Malinowski had with students and colleagues in Oberbozen, where Malinowski and his family lived for a decade – to create a space for disciplinary introspection and debate.
(an in-person event with limited access)

Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge-GB)

  • Mr. Davide Cacchioni (EHESS-FR)
  • Prof. Grayzna Kubica-Heller (U. Cracow-PL)
  • Prof. Ricardo Macip (BUAP-MX)
  • Prof. Isaac Nyamongo (U Nairobi, KE/WCAA)
  • Prof. Joy Owen (UFS-ZA)
  • Dr. Abayomi Ogunsanya (NASC-Cork, IE)
  • Emma Pizarro (LSE-GB)
  • Dr. Daniela Salvucci (unibz-IT)
  • Dr. Thomas Strong  (U. Maynooth, IE)

Prof. Michał Buchowski (U Poznan-PL)

Organizers and moderators:

Prof. Chandana Mathur, Prof. Elisabeth Tauber, and Prof. Dorothy Zinn

WEDNESDAY 14.09.2022

WENNER-GREN WORKSHOP “De-centering Anthropology by way of Malinowski” supported with a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and unibz

Greetings 9:00-9:15    (Elisabeth Tauber – Dorothy Zinn)

Introduction  9:15-9:45  (Chandana Mathur-Dorothy Zinn)

Workshop Opening   Chair: Marilyn Strathern

Session I  – 10:30-13:30   Moderation: Elisabeth Tauber

9:45-10:30   Paper 1 – Grazyna Kubica-Heller (Two cultural worlds of Bronisław Malinowski’s early years in his own auto-ethnography)

10:30-11:15    Paper 2 – Daniela Salvucci  (The center as an intersection: Following the Malinowski-Masson collaboration and gender relation)

Coffee break 11:15-11:35

11:35-12:20     Paper 3    Tom Strong (After the “Diary in a Queer Sense of the Term”:  Anxious Borders between Works and Lives in Anthropology Today)

12:20-13:00    Discussion I   (Lead Discussant: Michał Buchowski)

LUNCH   13:00-14:30

Session II   14:30-18:30    (Moderation: Chandana Mathur)

14:30-15:15  Paper 4 – Ricardo Macip (Magic’s Transference for National Invented Traditions: Malinowski in Oaxaca and México)

15:15-16:30  Paper 5  – Isaac Nyamongo (Malinowski, Kenyatta and Anthropology in Kenya’s nation building) 

Coffee break 16:30-16:50

16:50-17:25    Paper 6   Emma Pizarro (Decolonising archival description: reviewing problematic language in the Malinowski collection)

17:25-18:05   Discussion II  (Lead Discussant: Michał Buchowski)

Day 1 Wrap-up   18:05-18:30   (Chair: Marilyn Strathern)

THURSDAY 15.09.2022

Workshop Session III  9:00-13:00   (moderation: Dorothy Zinn)

9:00-9:45    Paper 7  Yomi Ogunsanya  (De-centering Methodological Orthodoxies and Other Ethical Questions in Precarious Contexts: Reflections on an Anthropologist’s Journey into the World of Ireland’s Asylum System)

9:45-10:30  Paper 8  Joy Owen   (Un-disciplining the ‘native’ – revelatory reflection and reflexivity)

Coffee break  10:30-10:50

10:50-11:35    Paper 9  Davide Cacchioni  (Follow the Plant? De-centering anthropology, re-orienting ethnography)

11:35-12:00  Discussion III  (Lead Discussant: Marilyn Strathern)

ACTIVITY  12:00-13:00    (Chandana Mathur, Elisabeth Tauber, Dorothy Zinn)

LUNCH  13:00-14:30

Workshop Conclusion  14:30-15:15  (Lead Discussant: Michał Buchowski)

Closing Remarks  Chair Marilyn Strathern

FRIDAY 16.09.2022 

Argonauts Centenary Celebration (Hybrid Event in English and Italian), sponsored by EVAA-Ethnologischer Verein Alto Adige and SIAC-Società Italiana di Antropologia Culturale

For those attending in person, unibz Room F6

Moderation: Elisabeth Tauber


Argonauts of the Western Pacific: A Centenary Celebration
16 September 2022, 14:30-17:00

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Bronislaw Malinowski’s landmark monograph, which changed the face of anthropology and its research methodology. We have invited a number of scholars and Malinowski family members to share their own stories of how this masterpiece has influenced their lives and work.
(an open, hybrid event for the academic community and others)

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