LSE – London School of Economics

The main archive that collects the Malinowski’s material, such as manuscripts, drafts, ethnographical diaries, photos from the fieldwork and private correspondence with both academics and relatives and friends, is stored at the Library of the LSE-London School of Economics, where Bronislaw Malinowski studied, worked and taught over more than 20 years. The collection at LSE Library consists of 41 sections of documents.

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One of these sections at the LSE archive consists of Malinowski’s Trobriand Islands fieldwork photographs, which are available as digital items.

Alexander Street Project

Some of the records collected at the LSE Archive are being digitalised and published online thanks to the Alexander Street project.

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Yale University

Another great public archive of the Malinowskis’ material is preserved at the Library of Yale University, where Malinowski taught from 1938 to his sudden death in 1942. A useful guide pdf to Bronislaw Malinowski’s papers at Yale is also available here.

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Pitt Rivers Museum

The photographs that Elsie Masson took during her stay and excursions in the Northern Territories of Australia in 1913 and 1914 are collected at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK.

These photographs are available by typing “Elsie Masson” as photographer.

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Crafts and objects of material culture, which Malinowski brought with him from the Trobriand Islands, are saved at the British Museum, London, at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology (formerly the Lowie Museum of Anthropology), Berkeley, California, at the Museums Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

British Museum

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Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley

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Museums Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

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Listen to the talk about “The Pacific collection at Museums Victoria”, by Dr. E. Bonshek (10/08/2016)

There are other public and private archives too in different parts of the world.