World Anthropology Day
The Malinowski Forum supports the South Tyrol Anthropological Association (EVAA) in celebrating World Anthropology Day, with warmest congratulations to EVAA for their 10th anniversary
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September 21, 2017
09:45 – 10:15
Room D0.03, main campus Bolzano-Bozen


Malinowski and Elsie Masson came to the South Tyrol in 1922. They rented a flat in Oberbozen; then, in the autumn of 1923, they moved into the house they had bought in the village. From 1922, the family – Bronio, Elsie until her death in 1935, and their three daughters, Jozefa, Wanda and Helena – divided its time between Oberbozen, Gries in Bozen, Natters near Innsbruck, and England. Patrick Burke, Rebecca Stuart and Lucy Ulrich will reflect on their grandparents’ lives in the South Tyrol and their deep attachment to the region, an attachment they passed down to their daughters and grandchildren.